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We Can Create 3 Types of Resumes For You...Use This Guide to See Which One is Right For You

                            Chronological Resume: 

  •       Most people use this format, making it the most commonly used.
  •       This type of resume uses reverse chronological order.  This means that your most recent education and current jobs are 
            first towards the top of the resume.
  •       StandOut Resume writers have various ways to make this type of resume unique compared.

  •       Since most employers spend 30 seconds reviewing your resume, they can get a quick sense of your background and
            career highlights.
  •       If one of your attributes is that you have previously worked for impressive and well known employers (Fortune 1000
  •       Companies) this type of resume will make you shine and bring attention to that fact.
  •       Up to 85% of hiring managers prefer this type of resume, as it is widely accepted and familiar.
  •       It is very easy to read and familiar to hiring managers.
  •       This hiring manager can easily scan your resume. 
  •       If you plan on posting your resume to some of the online job boards, this format is not only preferred, but sometimes
  •       required by the websites.
  •       If you have few gaps in employment and a steady work history this type of resume may work well for you.
  •       If your major career accomplishments have been on more recent jobs, this format may work well for you, as the most
            recent jobs will be on top.
  •       If you are open to relocation to other parts of the world or target foreign companies, it is the preferred format of
            foreign companies.

      ***If your career history has two or more of the following, you may consider other formats:

  •       You are unemployed.
  •       Gaps in your employment.
  •       Your employment is sporadic or inconsistent.
  •       You have extensive experience.
  •       Your related experience for the career you’re looking for was many years ago.
  •       You are looking to make a career change at this time.

                                                     Functional Resume:

  •       This type of resume depicts your skills, experience, expertise, and competencies in a group list and/or category as
            opposed to a job description and job accomplishments.
  •       Your skills and experience is in a group and not is any type of sequential order.  
  •       Your career history is heavily condensed in this format.  Usually it is consolidated into basic key information such as
            company names, job titles, and a list of dates of employment.  The details are removed as they have already been
            stated, and this information will be located on the bottom of your resume.

  •       Related skills, functions, and accomplishments are grouped together under one common category, and there should be
            multiple categories.  Examples may include…
  •       Your work experience.
  •       Volunteer work.
  •       Paid employment.
  •       Student extracurricular activities.
  •       Classroom assignments and projects.
  •       Prior work experience.
  •       Project work.
  •       Social organization…an example may be team, club or organizational activities.
  •       This resume works good if you are currently under-employed, and applying for jobs that were more in line with the
            caliber of jobs that you may have held earlier in your career.
  •       This type of resume works well when your actual job history is a little sub-standard, but your accomplishments on the
            jobs are phenomenal.  This is because your work record is reduced to a small blurb on the very bottom of your resume.
  •       This type of resume is often recommended for those individuals looking for a career change, or a change in sector,
            direction, department, field, or general direction.
  •       This type of resume is good when you have the required skills and experience, but it is not portrayed in a chronological
            resume effectively.
  •       If you want to highlight what you have accomplished and what you bring to the table, as opposed to when and for what
            company you specifically gained the experience and did it for, this style of resume may work for you.
  •       Since this resume style does not emphasize your recent employment, it is good for either the recently unemployed or
            those that have taken time off for personal reasons.
  •       This resume style works well for recent college graduates or those with limited career experience while having good
            experience that was gained in life experiences other than actual job experience.
  •       On the other end of the spectrum, older workers who wish to portray their experience and downplay numerous decades
            of various work experience, which may “date” them if blatantly disclosed on the resume.
  •       The first point to make here is that this resume style is often considered to be an exception to the “normal format” that
            hiring managers are accustomed to and sometimes is not as well received.
  •       If you plan on using online submission websites often, this resume format may not be compatible for the vast majority of
            websites that will require a chronological format for submission. 
  •       This resume style unfortunately is perceived by some hiring managers that you may be trying to cover something up in
            your background.  So, this style of resume should only be used as a necessity when the chronological format just does
            not do your career proper justice.

                                                 Combination or Hybrid Resume:

      ***This resume begins as a condensed functional resume with the following attributes highlighted at the very top:

  •       Your relevant experience.
  •       Your key accomplishments.
  •       Your awards and recognition.
  •       Your most relevant qualifications.
  •       Your key and relevant skill sets.
  •       Your licenses and certifications.
  •       Your key abilities/strengths.
  •       The second part of this style resume then gives a chronological summary including company names, job titles, dates of
            employment, and a condensed job description and the results you achieved, coupled with your key experience.
  •       This style of resume may work great for you if you like certain attributes of both the chronological and functional
            resumes, but want to not risk turning off a hiring manager with a full functional resume.

  •       It works very well when you want to highlight or bullet point very specific key experiences and career accomplishments
            first and foremost.
  •       This format is slightly more intricate to create, but if done professionally, it remains well accepted by the majority of
            hiring managers.
  •       If you are currently seeking a career change, this resume style may be ideal for you.
  •       This style of resume is very good if you gained relevant experience earlier in your career, and need to highlight that
            information because it is directly related to the jobs that you are currently seeking.
  •       This style of resume can be quickly amended to highlight your credentials based on the job descriptions of the jobs that
            you are applying for.
  •       This style resume works well when you have some gaps in employment, some unorthodox employment, or are currently
            under-employed, because your qualifications are read and the hiring manager’s interest is gained before your current
            employment situation is disclosed lower down the page of your resume.

  •       Your resume will usually exceed one page, and if you are a seasoned person, may very well exceed two pages.
  •       Unfortunately, some hiring managers may still not like this style, but not to the extent to that of a full functional
  •       Some hiring managers want to see what you did specifically on each job, and where you gained your experience.  
  •       If you are seeking a career change, although some possible hiring managers may be turned off by this style, it is
            recommended that you use this style, as the pros outweigh the cons in this instance.
  •       If you will be submitting your resume online, some websites will not be compatible with this style, but not nearly to the
            extent that a functional resume would.

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